France is in the world’s top 10 crypto countries.

The Coincub platform highlights many elements about the blockchain ecosystem around the world. Today we are going to look at the ranking of the countries in the world and how to improve this ranking.

Broadly speaking, the crypto score includes 3 main points:
– Regulation
– Taxes
– Fraud

Thanks to these three criteria we obtain a grade, that of France is 6.4/10, positioning it in 10th place in the world. Looking closer, we can also find the web3 talent point (out of 30). France is rated 15/30 wich is a very good score. Next to Hing Kong at 15.5/30.

France stats
France stats

We had the chance to ask Sergiu Hamza from Coincub, what are the most powerful levers allowing a country to gain places in your ranking?

« That is a great question, one which we ask ourselves very often. We started with 20 dimensions and are now at over 150 categories and data points that substantially impact a country’s standing. At a macro level I think we can simplify it with 4 categories though:

Regulation: A clear and supportive regulatory framework is paramount. Countries with transparent, forward-thinking regulations regarding crypto transactions, investments, and businesses tend to foster a more conducive environment for crypto growth. Effective regulations not only enhance investor confidence but also attract global crypto enterprises.

Talent Pool: The presence of a skilled and knowledgeable workforce in blockchain technology and crypto economics is essential. Countries that invest in the education, training, and development of professionals in the crypto domain often see accelerated growth and innovation in the sector.

Business Ecosystem: A robust business infrastructure that supports crypto startups, offers easy access to capital, and facilitates partnerships can be a game-changer. Countries that encourage entrepreneurship, reduce bureaucratic hurdles, and provide incentives for crypto businesses usually witness a surge in crypto activities.

User Adoption: The rate at which the general populace adopts and uses cryptocurrencies for transactions, savings, or investments directly indicates a country’s crypto maturity. Either driven by internal motivators or by country-level stance, in some countries we see increased crypto literacy, and have a wide network of crypto-friendly services. »

We all know what remains to be done…

Thanks to Sergiu Hamza and Coincub: your partner for your blockchain recruitment.
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